2nd Avenue Subway 96th Street Station

Project Description:  This project will utilize braced slurry wall and secant pile technology to achieve excavations with depths up to 85’ for the future construction of the 2nd Avenue Subway 96th street station. The project requires full “storefront to storefront” reconstruction of 2nd Avenue between 95th and 99th streets while maintaining 4 lanes of traffic on precast decking and full access to all buildings throughout the 3.5 year contract term.

Key Project Elements:  Installation of over 211,000SF of slurry wall; Placement of over 43,000 SF of secant pile wall; 41,200 CY of Concrete; Installation of over 6,500 tons of reinforcing steel; Placement of 76,000DF of temporary precast concrete deck; Installation of over 2,000 tons of steel deck beams; Set 5,800 tons of Wales & Struts; Excavation of 245,000CY of material; Excavation of MGP; contaminated material; Relocation of over 3.5 miles of utilities within ¼ mile stretch; Dewatering; Underpinning of building foundations; Improvement of existing building foundations; Installation of mini piles; Jet grouting under sensitive buildings; Compaction grouting under building foundations; Compensation grouting under fragile buildings; Removal of Mini piles & helical piles; Installation of extensive AMTS monitoring system for building movements

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