Astor Substation Brownfield Remediation

Tully Environmental completed a $10.2M Brownfield Remediation for Con Edison in Manhattan.  The remediation effort consisted of installing a perimeter foundation retaining/cutoff wall, excavate down to bedrock and dispose of the 19,000 tons of petroleum contaminated soil excavated, treat and disposal of 300K gallons of contaminated groundwater and cleanout and disposal of 26 underground storage tanks.  This work was done under NYSDEC oversight on a small parcel surrounded by sensitive receptors; therefore, odor, dust and noise controls were implemented specific to site conditions and activities to minimize offsite impacts.  Tully provided a carbon filtration system with a blower to treat VOCs being released from the contaminated excavations and Air reactor who fabricated a misting to enclose the working area and spray odor counteractant on the odorous soil.

Tully subcontracted the installation of 2 foot secant pile to act as a retaining for the excavation and to cut off any infiltration from entering or leaving the site.  These secant piles also had a 5’ foot rock socket to ensure stability and to as stated above ensure no contaminates entered or left the site during or after the clean up. Tully forces build a guide wall 4 foot deep to allow for the pile to be guided straight into place. This allowed for the overlap of the piles to create the solid retaining wall.Every other secant had a steel beam installed for added strength. Tully then was able to excavate the site transport the contaminated material to disposal site in New Jersey. As stated earlier Tully took many precaution to minimize offsite impacts such as using foam to reduce odors from leaving the site.

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