Charles L. Turner Reservoir Dam

In order to address Siler City’s continuing water supply needs, the city hired Thalle to construct a dam and create a 160 acre reservoir. The dam is 26 feet high with a 300 foot spillway.

In constructing the dam Thalle placed 12,100 cubic yards of roller compacted concrete (RCC), 30,000 tons of offsite aggregated, 5,000 tons of onsite boulders and riprap and 221 tons of steel. In doing so, Thalle employed over 40 workers for a total of 86,000 man hours and deployed 240 pieces of equipment, to include two concrete mixing plants, two pugmills and a variety of other heavy equipment.

Scope items included:

Construction of erosion control measures, clearing and grubbing, stripping, demolition, foundation preparation, grout curtain installation, bottom drain construction, minimum release system construction, roller compacted concrete dam construction, installation of seepage control measures, fill placement and grading, placement of riprap, and seeding and mulching for the new dam.

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