Fresh Kills Landfill

The Staten Island Landfill project is split into two phases. Phase 1 consists of capping the Muldoon Avenue Mound. Phase 2 consists of capping the other side of Muldoon along the Muldoon Avenue Corridor.

The project started with relocating approximately 400,000 cubic yards of waste. A complex capping system is being installed. The cross section of the cap is made up of General fill, Select fill, two layers of geocomposite sandwiching a layer of geomembrane, barrier protection material, embankment fill, planting soil and seed mix with the erosion blanket. The three layers of fabric allow the methane gas produced from the landfill to travel upwards to the vents and the water seeping through the soil to travel downwards to the drainage area.

On the Muldoon Avenue Mound side passive vents were installed allowing the gas to escape due to the very minor amount gas being released and its poor quality. On the Muldoon Avenue Corridor side a landfill gas collection system is installed. This collection system forces the methane gas into the Department of Sanitation’s gas purification station. DSNY then sells the gas.

Other work on the project includes the installation of a construction management complex with all of its plumbing, electrical, paving and fencing work. In addition, the storm water collection basins on site are in the process of being cleaned out and repaired where needed.

The project puts a strong focus on being environmentally friendly, as it turns one of Staten Island’s biggest eye sores into a beautiful attraction. The NYC Parks Department plans are to make the Fresh Kills Landfill one of the department’s biggest parks in the City of New York.

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