Newtown Creek Sewage Treatment Facility

New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), awarded Tully/Pegno (operating under a joint venture), the contract to construct a solids handling facility at the Newtown Creek Sewage Treatment Plant. The construction required installation of an extensive dewatering system and the disposal of 400,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil (performed by Affiliate Tully Environmental). The foundation and slab for the new facility is 13 feet thick, with the excavation of 24 feet and 200,000 cubic yards of concrete. While the new Digester building was constructed without piles, the Centrifuge building was constructed on piles with Pegno/Tully assisting the DEP in this design. Tully/Pegno installed 8 digester tanks, each capable of holding 3 million gallons of raw sewerage.
This project included a centrifuge building and thickening system, digester tanks, digester gas collection system, sludge storage tanks, grit removal system and building, plant effluent water system, sewer and drainage installation, site grading and paving. Construction of the interior consists new partitions, hollow metal doors and frames, interior finishes, suspended ceilings, metal stairs, metal catwalks, cabinetry, residential kitchen appliances, lockers, benches, toilet partitions and accessories, and sundry other finishing items.
The New York City Art Commission has honored Newtown Creek with two Awards for Excellence in Design, citing the project’s sensitivity to the challenge of locating, and in this case expanding, a large-scale industrial project within a residential neighborhood.
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