Prompton Dam

Thalle Construction rebuilt the spillway around Prompton Dam, built a new concrete bridge over the spillway, added a new maintenance facility for the Corps of Engineers, and made numerous minor improvements to the roads in the park.

Scope items include:

Clearing and grubbing of site, stripping and stockpiling of topsoil, regarding of proposed staging area, widening of the spillway by common and rock excavation, construction of soil nail wall, mechanically stabilized earth walls and secant wall, raising of wet embankment using excavated materials, construction of new operations building and garage, support utilities for new building, construction of bituminous concrete pavements, construction of two-span, single-lane concrete bridge across spillway, concrete approach slabs including abutments and associates caissons and earthen approach ramp with associated retaining walls on the east side of the spillway, construction of additional reinforced concrete wall along the crest of the dam and associated concrete demolition, removal of existing fuse plug and separate stockpiling of materials, construction of concrete sill, scour apron and new fuse plug, provision of erosion and sediment control features, demolition of existing operations building, utility building, sewage treatment tank, support utilities and all appurtenant structures, to include chain link fence, remove and disposal of underground fuel oil tank, relocation of existing flammable storage building, above-ground fuel storage tank and weather instruments, abandoning/decommissioning of existing water well, repair of bituminous concrete pavement incidental to demolition work and to construction activities as required, construction of grass and riprap lined drainage ditches, storm drainage features, and place of topsoil and turf establishment.
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