UNC Bell Tower Development

Thalle has been involved with multiple phases and aspects of this large, long-term project in the heart of the University of North Carolina Campus in Chapel Hill, NC. A tightly confined area, coordination with dozens of other contractors, tight scheduling and rigorous standards allowed Thalle to demonstrate it’s expertise in utility and site development work on one of the most complex jobs in our 60+ year history.

Thalle involvement began with being awarded the “Advanced Site Package” contract in November 2007, and we achieved substantial completion of the first phase in April 2009. Key challenges on the project included a complex and tight schedule, limited space on-site, vehicular and pedestrian traffic control, limited access on and off the site, and various unknown conditions underground. In addition, Thalle worked through various design changes throughout the duration of the project and were able to minimized subsequent schedule impacts.

The new and relocated utilities installed by Thalle Construction Co., Inc. include reclaimed water systems, storm water systems, domestic water systems, sanitary sewer systems, electrical duct banks, chilled water lines, roof drain collection piping, above ground pipe installations and steam lines constructed underground in concrete utility tunnels. Work activities included demolition, earthwork, deep excavation and shoring including the use of soil nails, precast and cast-in-place concrete structure installation, horizontal soil boring, installation of various types of pipe and conduit (water, sewer, storm, mechanical and electrical), structural backfill of excavations, fine grading and finished paving in both asphalt and concrete. It should be noted that Thalle Construction self-performed approximately 80 to 85% of our work, and we subcontracted with others for specialty work on an “as-needed” basis.

Environmental sustainability was a key objective for this project. In order to prevent flooding of the existing downstream storm water system … the new system exits through a storm water detention center comprised of four (4) 10ft H x 10ft W x 120ft L concrete box culverts that were installed side by side underground. The box culverts are encapsulated with clean stone and wrapped with an impervious PVC liner to act as an underground cistern (reservoir). The roof drain collection system is piped to the cistern, and the water collected will be harvested for irrigation and use in the toilet facilities.

Thalle Construction Co., Inc. is proud to have been a part of this important “eco-friendly” project on the UNC campus in Chapel Hill. Ongoing site and building development is critical to the expansion of our higher education facilities in North Carolina. The success of this project stands as irrefutable proof that such work may be accomplished while minimizing impact(s) to our environment. The UNC Bell Tower project is truly a “Go Green” project.

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